AICPA -American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
CNN – Money
College Savings Plan of Nebraska
Fun Stuff: Today in History
Is today your birthday? Anniversary? What happened today in history brought to you by The History Channel.
Internal Revenue Service
Your favorite government agency!
Loan Amortization, Tax, Accounting & Financial Calculations
Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts
Nebraska Department of Revenue
Olsen’s Classic 164 Currency Converter
Current and historical conversion rates for 164 currencies are available. “You can view any exchange rates among the 164 currencies for any day since 1 January 1990 through today. The currency converter is updated daily at 8:00 p.m. EST.”
Social Security Administration
Site includes links for calculating benefits
The Bureau of the Public Debt
US Department of the Treasury
The Library of CongressThomas Legislative Information on the Internet
A ton of information on federal legislation, congress and committees. Provides many useful links not only within the federal government, but also to state legislative sites.